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Creative Partner + Constant Learner

In 2014, Autodesk embarked on a visionary rebrand, marking a significant shift in our business model and a holistic effort to modernize the customer experience across all fronts. This brand overhaul was a complete in-house endeavor conceived and executed by the Brand Team. Alongside reshaping the parent brand, we ventured into redefining the visual identity of our extensive portfolio of 100+ products and services, which I'm primarily focusing on here. This new approach placed less emphasis on the end products created with our software and more on the creative process of envisioning and making, aligning with the launch of our 'Make Anything' tagline and a period of remarkable threefold customer growth.

Autodesk Brand

(2014 - 2020)

Project Type
Brand and Product Identity + Brand Enablement
Senior Brand Creative
Hero image for Autodesk Inventor Professional.  An abstract image that relates to industrial design.
Hero Image for Autodesk Inventor Professional

This 2015 reel offers a glimpse into the Brand Team's endeavors during the brand launch year. It touches on both professional and consumer product identity, along with various projects and events we were involved in. As a tight-knit team, I played a substantial role in a significant portion of the showcased work. If would like to learn more about my full contribution to this era of Autodesk's brand, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Hero image for Autodesk Urban Canvas - and abstract image inspired by urban planning
Hero Image for Clean Technology - An astract image inspired by wind turbines
Hero image for Autodesk Print Studio - An abstract image inspired by generative design and multimaterial 3d printing.
Hero image for Autodesk Tandem - an abstract image depicting data points in an architectural volume
Hero image for Autodesk Design Review - an abstract image depicting the intermixing of multiple design elements
Hero image for Autodesk Vault - an abstract image depicting networking between a cluster of geometric forms
Hero Image for Autodesk Print Studio
Hero Image for Clean Technology
Hero Image for Autodesk Urban Canvas
Hero Image for AutodeskVault
Hero Image for Autodesk Design Review
Hero Image for AutodeskTandem
A collection of product boxes depicting the abstract hero imagey in-situ
A collection of product badges showcasing the abstract product imagery
Product Badges for E-Store
Renderings of Product Packaging (USB and DVD-ROM delivery)

Product ID / Hero Imagery

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