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Creative Partner + Constant Learner

For those of you looking for the basics like employment history or skills, head on over to Linkedin.

Possibly you are here and wondering "could I work with this person?"... to that I say, let's connect, even if I'm not who you're looking for, possibly I can introduce you to someone that is.

If you want the 10,000 foot view of me as a person, then here goes...

Professionally and personally I value the people around me and I strive to create a productive and supportive environment for all. I value great teachers (I'm married to one) and I enjoy being a teacher to others when my skills are relevant. If I'm not learning something when I'm working, then I'm probably doing the wrong thing for me, I value environments where experimentation is part of the expectation. Creatively, I always consider the narrative and the audience when considering style, I can produce and direct a broad range of styles, that said I wouldn't be a decent creative if I didn't have some opinions.  


Outside of work, I'm a husband and a father to two wonderful and quirky kids - dad jokes abound. We have dogs, they keep us all on our toes and are great buddies. My hobbies hover around art, music, technology, and food. I enjoy being active...swimming, biking, hiking, and more recently ice skating with my daughter, and taking Taekwondo with my son.

For those of you that would like some bullet points to follow up on in conversation or for an interview, here are some interesting things I have done that you might not gather from the work I am showing on this site.

  • In 2020 my wife I and I hosted an exchange student from Germany and subsequently we became coordinators placing students with other families.

  • In 2015 I traveled to South Africa as a volunteer (Team4Tech + Autodesk) and worked with educators at Makapula Secondary School in Kayamandi Township to integrate new teaching approaches and technology in their classrooms.

  • I was recognized by Lurzer's International Archive as one of the 200 Best Digital Artists worldwide in their 2015/2016 print edition.

  • In 2008 I planned and executed two successful public green screen shoots in San Francisco with over 100 volunteer actors pulled from the street. The idea was to raise awareness of the proposed Transbay Terminal - the public got the chance learn about and be a part of the future of the neighborhood.

  • In 2003 I performed live with the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra (Alexandria, VA) for a season as a Visual Artist making original animated visuals live utilizing art by local artists and students that was inspired by the music.

  • In 2001 I was honored by the National Academy of  Television Arts and Sciences for my contributions to the Emmy Award winning documentary “Korean War Stories”.

  • In 1996 I was recognized by Communication Arts magazine in their first Interactive Annual for contributions to their choice of “The Human Body” (by Time-Life) as the top interactive educational software of the year.

About Me


About Me

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